Meet The Chef

Originally from the Caribbean, Haitian born Executive Chef Duke Estime was lured in the culinary world when his passion for the industry was recognized at an early age.  Duke went on to study culinary art, at the NY Institute for Culinary Education, where he learned and developed his own unique style and flair. Upon graduation, he continued intense training at The Mark Hotel in New York.  Chef is extremely passionate and enjoys exploring the diversity of other culinary cuisines.  Duke then began his professional career and worked his way through the ranks in catering, restaurant and as a private chef. Developing seasonal specials and incorporating them into the menu, passing down his knowledge to ensure highest possible quality to detail.

"I believe you should respect the food you prepare", says Duke. "That means the freshest ingredients, trained prep chefs, and innovative ideas. I can't work in a place where I can't be creative. Le Malt gives me that and more."