LaMalt: A Unique After-Golf Destination

Where Luxury and Libation Come Together in Perfect Harmony

COLONIA, NJ -- Golf writers are a pampered breed. The job is exactly what you would expect: playing world-class golf courses and enjoying the amenities of the finest country clubs. Sure, there are times when we have to hunker down at our desks to write, but as burdens go, writing isn’t exactly like pushing wheelbarrow loads of bricks up a steep hill.

With that in mind, I can honestly say I’ve never experienced luxury and libation quite like those offered at LeMalt.

Although its rampant lion crest recalls a Scottish coat of arms and grandest traditions of the game, Le Malt is not a golf course or a club. Le Malt is a world-class wine and brown spirits lounge in Colonia, New Jersey. If you and your playing partners are looking for a place to gather after a round— perhaps someplace quite away from the golf course to meet your wives— LeMalt might just be the place. If you have been talking business with clients on the golf course during the day, you could not pick a better place to close the deal than Le Malt.

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